We have Spanish roots

We are Monica and Chus, two spanish who arrived with our families in Brussels in 2014.

Throughout these years we have accumulated a lot of knowledge, contacts and experiences that we wanted to capture in this project, to help you and make your move to Brussels an easy, smooth and pleasant journey. 

One of science, the other of letters

I am Mónica, a civil engineer with a long professional career in the world of project consultancy. I am Chus, trained in marketing and political science and with extensive experience in the world of communication and advertising, working for multinationals such as Springfield and Grupo Vips.

Two different but complementary backgrounds that have given us the ability to solve problems, formulate proposals and manage projects in a responsible, effective and efficient manner.

We start from the same experience

We know what is to be expatriates  in a new city and we know what it feels like.

We know the procedures, processes and difficulties involved in a change of country and we also have the empathy and sensitivity you need so that you do not feel alone in this new journey. We want that your installation in Brussels is written in the letters of a good memory.

We want to offer you the best start

We know the pleasure of starting something well done and enjoying it over the years. 

That is why we have made this premise our MISSION. 

Offering you a close and quality service is our PHILOSOPHY. 

Our values, our motivating stimulus

Empathy, involvement, responsibility, proactivity, passion and professionalism.

Meaningful words that, together with our philosophy and our mission, become powerful stimulus to take care of you, while you are enjoying your arrival.