Understanding your needs is the key.

We provide you with a questionnaire in which you can explain your needs and, in this way, we can help you by customising our services to your requirements. 

We guide you before you arrive in Brussels to prepare the way afterwards.

Once we know your needs, we organise an informative meeting, either online or in person, to explain essential aspects of your relocation process to Brussels, as well as give you advice on how to prepare your future move.

In the same time, we will organize a sightseeing tour of some of Brussels’ neighbourhoods, according to your preferences and our recommendations. From experience, we are aware that knowing in advance the environment in which you are going to live is essential in your adaptation process. 

For each neighbourhood, we will provide you with a complete summary of its main services, schools, health centres, shopping areas, sports complexes, parks, natural areas, cultural spaces and transport links.

With this service we want to offer you a global vision of your new life in Brussels, in accordance with realistic expectations, to facilitate your integration and minimise stress due to wrong decisions.

Our service does not suit your needs or you have questions?

Contact us, we will be happy to help you.