But don’t panic, we will prepare your stay. 

Moving to a new country means going through a complicated administrative paperwork and documentation process that requires compliance with certain requirements and deadlines. To make matters worse, both the system for requesting an appointment and the processes to be followed seem designed to test your patience. We relieve you of this task, helping you to manage the paperwork so that you can legalise your residence in Brussels.

More specifically, our administrative relocation service includes: 

      • Information on the Belgian health care system.
      • Taking out compulsory health insurance.
      • Registration in the register of foreigners.
      • Application for a residence card.
      • Consular registration.
      • Application for child allowance.
      • Registration of the car.
      • Application for a driving licence.
      • Car parking card.
      • Information on the Belgian recycling system and the rubbish vignette.
      • Directory of hospitals, medical centres, specialists and general doctors.


We legalise your residence. 

Immigration procedures are characterised by formal language and complex procedures. If we add to this the language barrier, the difficulty increases.

We take care of the obligatory legal aspects and the required documentation so that you can work and live in Brussels, thus speeding up the procedures and avoiding unnecessary paperwork and time.

More specifically, our immigration-relocation service includes: 

      • Work and residence permits.
      • Renewal of visas.
      • Certified translations, legalisations and apostilles of documents.
      • Limosa Procedures

Our service does not suit your needs or you have questions?

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