Visiting Brussels is not the same as living there. 

Relocation is not only a physical transition but also an emotional transition. Each person experiences their expatriation in a particular way depending on their personality and their predisposition to leave their country of origin.

Sometimes, it is not easy to move away from what is familiar and face a new environment, especially for the expatriate’s partner and children. In addition, cultural differences, the change of mentality or the language are factors that do not facilitate this process.

To make your adaptation smoother, we offer you a service aimed at better understanding of the environment and culture in which you are going to live. In this service we provide you with the keys to deal with culture shock, normalise the feeling of loss and overcome the well-known “Ulysses syndrome”, working together through the stages of the adaptation cycle to a new country.

We also know how important it is to get in touch with people in similar circumstances. That is why we put you in contact with expatriate groups with whom you can exchange information and impressions. We will also provide you with a guide with practical information.

Among many other things, this service has a clear benefit: to make your family feel integrated.

Our service does not suit your needs or you have questions?

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