As the time to leave Brussels approaches, the number of things to do increases.

You need to think about preparing a to-do list and transferring or cancelling the services you have contracted following the stipulated legal procedures.

So that this last stage does not tarnish the pleasant experience of the years spent in Brussels, we make your departure a smooth, easy and worry-free process.

In particular, our delocation service includes:  

      • Preparing the notification of the resolution of the lease contract.
      • General inspection of the property, review of the inventory, repair of possible damages and recovery of the deposit.
      • Counter readings, disconnection of electricity, water, gas, electricity, mobile phones, cable TV, etc.
      • Cancellation of insurances, bank accounts, credit cards, maintenance, subscriptions, clubs and request for reimbursement when necessary.
      • Disenrolment with local authorities.
      • Application for official documents when necessary (birth certificates, diplomas, taxes…).
      • Logistical assistance in the organisation and coordination of the moving.
      • Request for occupation of public roads.
      • Mail redirection to the indicated address.
      • Hotel reservation management to cover temporary accommodation until the departure date, if necessary.
      • Departure service: flight confirmation, cleaning service, pick-up and transfer to the airport, key handover…

Our service does not suit your needs or you have questions?

Contact us, we will be happy to help you.