Settling into a new home… we’ve been there before.

The first weeks in a new country and in a new home are exhausting. The challenge of dealing with basic services without knowing the providers, the documentation, the rates or the deadlines makes this task difficult, especially when it is in another language.

These procedures require time and a certain knowledge of the market. For this reason, when you arrive in Brussels, we will provide you with information on the most favourable options so that you can choose the one that best suits you and, of course, we will accompany you in the contracting service.

More specifically, our settle-in relocation service includes: 

      • Advice on the market, supply service and home insurance.
      • Change of ownership and direct debiting of water, gas and electricity.
      • Contracting telephone, internet and cable television.
      • Arrangement of family insurance.
      • Opening a bank account.
      • Information on home cleaning service and tax relief.
      • Directory of recommended suppliers (electricians, plumbers, gardeners, painters, carpenters, glaziers, bricklayers…).

Our service does not suit your needs or you have questions?

Contact us, we will be happy to help you